Posted June 11, 2017 by Eli Madden

ICS badges provide unique ways to get recognized and rewarded for the skills you pickup by participating in academic competitions. Your badge points are used to identify your placement in ICS Global Rankings that help students get recognized for college and career opportunities such as scholarships, admissions, internships, and more.

As we grow, we will continue to add new badges and new opportunities that you can access through your badges. Get your account today to not miss out on any of the upcoming opportunities!


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Achievement Badge description

Badge Levels

Bronze Medal Silver



L1: 10 pts
L2: 20 pts
L3: 30 pts
L4: 40 pts
L5: 50 pts
L6: 60 pts
L7: 70 pts
L8: 80 pts
L9: 90 pts
L10: 100 pts
L11: 150 pts
L12: 200 pts
L13: 300 pts
L14: 400 pts
L15: 500 pts
L16: 600 pts
L17: 700 pts
L18: 800 pts
L19: 900 pts
L20: 1000 pts
Gold Platinum



L21: 1500 pts
L22: 2000 pts
L23: 3000 pts
L24: 4000 pts
L25: 5000 pts
L26: 6000 pts
L27: 7000 pts
L28: 8000 pts
L29: 9000 pts
L30: 10000 pts
L31: 15000 pts
L32: 20000 pts
L33: 30000 pts
L34: 40000 pts
L35: 50000 pts

ICS badges follow a standard structure of levels to indicate increasing expertise as you rise through their ranks. Badge levels are organized in four progressively harder to reach groups: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Bronze Group badges can generally be reached through awards at any local level competition.

Silver Group badges generally require at least one award at a regional or state level to earn enough points to reach.

Gold Group badges will generally require a national level award to earn enough points to get here.

Platinum Group badges are the crème of the crop, generally requiring an international level award to earn enough points to make it here.

Award Points Rubric

To rise through the levels in any ICS Badge, you need to earn “Award Points.” These points are provided when you receive an award for any of the competitions in the ICS network. Because competitions come in a broad range of shapes and sizes, we have created an Award Points Rubric to determine how many points the awards you receive will provide toward ICS badges.


Award Points Rubric