8.2: What’s Next?

You’ve completed all of the deliverables for this course, so what comes next? Learn how to use your skills, ideas, and competition submissions to further your personal goals.

Learning Objectives:

  • Evaluate your progress and experience throughout the course.
  • Explore options for what you want to do now that you have gained this experience.
  • Determine your course of action and make a competition game plan.

Part 8.2 Task List:

  1. Watch the video above to reflect on what you have learned throughout the course.
  2. Explore the materials tab for extra resources.
  3. Complete the final Goals Check-in and submit the assignment as a PDF file.
  4. After completing the three tasks above, you are ready to become a space entrepreneur! Congratulations on finishing the course.

Watch the video above to hear from all of our experts on their best advice for students.

Additional Resources:

  •  🌓 What's Next Guide?
  • 🌟 8.2 What's Next Slides - Keep these slides handy as you look for future opportunities in entrepreneurship, commercial space, and competition.


  • 🚀 ASSIGNMENT: Final Settings Goals
  • You know the drill! Complete the final setting goals check-in to reflect on what you have learned throughout this course.
  • Use the submission tool below to upload your assignment as a PDF file. 
  • Then, move on to the final section to complete a survey.