6.2: Crafting a Narrative

Create a plan for targeting and getting the word out to your target customers, then craft a compelling story to win over both competition judges and your eventual customers. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the basic formula of storytelling.
  • Practice your skills using the tools of an entrepreneur.

Part 6.2 Task List:

  1. Watch the video above to learn more about marketing basics.
  2. Explore the materials tab for extra resources on storytelling.
  3. Complete the Crafting a Narrative Storyboard and submit the assignment as a PDF file.
  4. After completing the three tasks above, you are ready to move on to the Next Topic.

Experts Sara Jennings, Joe Messinger, and Amanda Adams give insight on how to craft a narrative and win over your audience with a great story.

Additional Resources:


  • 🌍 ASSIGNMENT: Storyboard
  • Use the storyboard to begin sketching out the story that you want to communicate with your audience.
  • You can use pen and paper to literally draw things out if you want,  but you should use the digital copy above to write out notes.
  • Save the digital storyboard as a PDF file and submit using the assignment tool below.