Every month our team at ICS finds new or updated information about various academic competitions and posts it in our database. We’re working with partners managing competitions for students at all levels to help provide you with the best, most comprehensive database of the rules, submissions, deadlines, and other criteria for the programs you are interested in. Here are some of the most recent updates to the ICS database of academic competitions that you might find interesting:


Virtual Supreme Court

(for high school students)

New information about the case brief and 2020-21 deadlines have been posted by the Harlan Institute for their Virtual Supreme Court program for high school students. Check out the updated information about how and when to get involved!


Climate Investment Challenge

(for university undergraduate and graduate students)

This is a new competition recently added to the ICS database for university and graduate level students to propose new ways that investment can help advance sustainable, environmental programs to help the future climate. Check it out to learn how investments might be able to help the climate and see how you can get involved.



(for elementary and middle school students)

This is also a new competition recently added to the ICS database; however, this program is for young students in elementary and middle schools. Beestar offers a suite of challenging quiz-based competitions in various mathematical topics related to each grade.



(for university undergraduate and graduate students)

This new competition listed in the ICS database is a great opportunity for university undergraduate and graduate students. The Techbriefs challenge tasks students to create a technical document describing how a nove technology works in several areas of advanced technologies. New information on this challenge is now listed in the ICS database.