Posted June 21, 2022 by Katie Dolcimascolo

Space Entrepreneurs Academy

For high school and college students interested in entrepreneurship and space exploration, the Space Entrepreneurs Academy (SEA) is an excellent introduction to both worlds. The Academy helps science, technology, engineering, and mathematics educators engage their students in learning STEM content through the lens of a commercial space entrepreneur. Through the Academy, student learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, gain insight into the broad array of commercial space technologies, use critical-thinking skills to develop applied-STEM concepts for real-world use, and experience what it’s like launching a business in this rapidly growing industry.

About the Academy

An 8-part course with checkpoint activities that guide participants through the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and the STEM concepts behind the commercial space industry.

Conducted asynchronously over the course of two months during a single academic semester with continuous support from the ICS staff.

Includes a robust library of video content from engineers, scientists, and business leaders in the aerospace and commercial space industry.

Culminates in a capstone project and pitch competition where students put the skills they learned to the test by creating a product or service for the commercial space industry and pitch their ideas to a panel of industry judges.

After completing their final project submission, students receive certificates of completion and are recognized as certified young space entrepreneurs.

Best-in-Show awards provided to top projects in multiple categories.

No prior knowledge of entrepreneurship or the space industry is required for you or your students

Pilot Proposal Opportunity

The Institute of Competition Sciences is proposing to the International Space Station National Laboratory (ISSNL) for funding to host a second pilot project of the Space Entrepreneurs Academy focused on Space Station technologies. We are seeking high school educators interested in giving their students access to this opportunity.

Through this pilot proposal, access to the SEA will be made available at no-cost to your classroom. Educators will receive a Professional Development training workshop to help implement the Space Entrepreneurs Academy with your students. Educators will also receive a small stipend to participate in the professional development activities. Your class will receive full access to the SEA curriculum, materials, resource library, and activities. A series of four guided workshops led by ICS staff and experts in the commercial space industry will help engage your students throughout the semester. If funded, the Space Station Technology pilot program will launch in the spring 2023 academic semester.

Space Entrepreneurs Academy Interest Form

Interested in joining the ICS Space Station Technology pilot SEA program in the Spring 2023 academic semester? Please fill out the following form by July 11.