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Space Entrepreneurs Academy – Space Station Technology Badge


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The Space Station Technology Badge (SSTB) is the official launch of the Space Entrepreneurs Academy, with a focus specifically on solving problems utilizing the unique positioning of space stations. With support from the International Space Station National Laboratory.


  • Focus on Life and Research in Space
    • Learn about how the unique positioning and capabilities of space stations can aid research and product development.
  • Hear from Experts with Experience
    • From the legendary ISS to space stations of the (near) future, hear from experts that have worked on their design and operations.
  • Solve Problems
    • Use entrepreneurial skills and processes to design products that could benefit from working with space stations, or directly benefit those that use them.

About the Course

Purchasing access to the this course gives an individual participant or group of students access to the Space Entrepreneurs Academy. Once a member of the Academy, you will have access to additional upcoming ICS programs, events, and competitions in addition to the Space Station Technology Badge (SSTB) content and curriculum. While there is a provided pacing outline to complete the SSTB within 6 weeks, you have the flexibility to move at your own pace. 


Program Highlights:

Entrepreneurship topics covered include:

  •  Ideation
  •  Understanding Customers
  •  Business Operations
  •  Finances
  •  Marketing
  •  Becoming a Better Competitor

Commercial Space Stations Topics Covered: 

  • Systems that keep the space station running
  • Research Capabilities on the ISS
  • Research Activities on the ISS
  • Entrepreneurial Projects from the ISS

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