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About ICS Entrepreneurship

The Institute of Competition Sciences (ICS) Entrepreneurship Products and Programs is the first stop for students to learn about entrepreneurship and how to win startup competitions. All ICS resources are designed to give students a boost in their quest to become more skilled competitors in the field of entrepreneurship by providing the fundamental knowledge, tools, and insider tips necessary. If you want to become an entrepreneur and open your own business, bolster your resume, or get into your dream college, choosing to compete in entrepreneurial competitions can help get you there. 

To help students achieve their goals, ICS has created resources using insights from industry experts, past coaches, and entrepreneurship competition judges to guide students through the entrepreneurship competition process. ICS Entrepreneurship Products and Programs give students the edge that they need to  stand out amongst their competitors when entering a competition at any level, and win over the judges in regional, national, and international entrepreneurship competitions. 

Who Benefits from ICS Entrepreneurship

ICS Entrepreneurship Products and Programs are created with high school and undergraduate-level entrepreneurial competitors in mind. Parents, educators, and other professionals in education, entrepreneurship, or competition-adjacent professions will also find useful information for teaching and coaching their students to success. Our goal at ICS Entrepreneurship is to explore your motivations, make a plan for personal success, and give competitors the tools they need to build impressive pitch decks, create the businesses of their dreams, and win entrepreneurship competitions around the globe.


High school and university students alike benefit from the wealth of knowledge ICS has in designing and managing innovation, startup, and entrepreneurship competitions. ICS programs and products help you win more entrepreneurship competitions.


Gain the knowledge and skills to help your students get a jumpstart into entrepreneurship competitions. Learn how to help your students understand the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and get insider tips on how to win startup competitions.


Whether you want to encourage your child's passion or learn the basics of entrepreneurship yourself, ICS provides support for competitors and their families to have the knowledge base and resources they need to be successful.

Guide to Entrepreneurship for Students

The Guide to Entrepreneurship Competitions for Students is the first-of-its-kind resource introducing high school and college students,  parents, and industry professionals to the world of entrepreneurship competitions and walking them through the best steps towards success. With over ten years of insider knowledge from professionals who have run entrepreneurship competitions, served as judges, or coached students to be better competitors, this guide will provide users with insights, tips, and tricks proven to win competitions, as well as information about active competitions for high school students. 

Learn more about the Guide and how to get one step ahead of your competitors.


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