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January 25, 2023 3:00pm

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January 25, 2023 4:30pm

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December 19, 2022 4:00pm

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January 25, 2023 3:00pm


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Space Entrepreneurship Symposium

Join the next generation of Space Entrepreneurs in launching the Spring 2023 Space Entrepreneurs Academy.

In this 90 minute virtual symposium you will learn from experts about the future of space-based technologies and businesses. You will hear from a panel of Space Station technologists and researchers about the future of the ISS and upcoming space stations in development. You will learn about the Space Entrepreneurs Academy and the Space Station Technology Badge from the Institute of Competition Sciences. And you will explore future space technologies to gain insight into exciting new space entrepreneurship opportunities. Finally, you will learn how you can help the next generation of space entrepreneurs get trained through the Space Entrepreneurs Academy courses and pitch their ideas for new space-based technologies, products, and businesses in the 2023 Space Entrepreneurs Academy Pitch Competition.

Symposium Guest Speakers

Event Agenda 3:00pm to 4:30pm Pacific Time, January 25th 

  • Welcome [Ms. Jordan Seward, Entrepreneurship Programs Coordinator, ICS]
  • Space Entrepreneurs Academy Introduction [Mr. Joshua Neubert, CEO, ICS]
  • ISS Space Station Technologies [Dr. Michael Roberts, Chief Scientist, ISS National Laboratory]
  • Space Stations Guest Panel [Mr. Mike Lewis, CIO, Nanoracks; MS. Rachel Clemens, Business Development Manager, Axiom Space; and Dr. Gene Boland, Director Talaris Therapeutics and ISS Researcher]
  • Why Space? The Future of the Commercial Space Industry [Mr. John Dankanich, Chief Technologist, NASA MSFC]
  • Closing [Mr. Joshua Neubert, CEO, Institute of Competition Sciences]

About the Space Entrepreneurs Academy

The Space Entrepreneurs Academy (SEA) helps train the next generation of great aerospace entrepreneurs and technologists. The SEA includes two main components for budding high school, college, and university space entrepreneurs:

Training Courses: the pilot Space Entrepreneurs Academy includes two online training courses designed to teach high school and college students the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and opportunities in the rapidly expanding commercial space industry. The curriculum from either course can be incorporated into classrooms, after-school programs, or completed on a student’s own time. The Space Entrepreneurship 101 course provides a broad overview of the commercial space industry and helps students learn the fundamentals of how new entrepreneurs and startup enterprises can get a foothold in the rapidly expanding commercial space industry! The Space Station Technology Badge course introduces students to details about the technologies needed to operate a space station, and guides students through learning how new technologies and entrepreneurial services or products could leverage and support future space station activities. Students can register for either of these courses at anytime throughout the year, but must be registered no later than March 31st, to participate in the 2023 Space Entrepreneurs Academy Pitch Competition.

Pitch Competition: the 2023 Space Entrepreneurs Pitch Competition introduces high school and college students to the world of startup enterprises and helps them experience what it is like to bring an entrepreneurial concept to life. Students throughout the world are eligible to submit their own space entrepreneurship concept to this competition in two categories: (1) Commercial Space, and (2) Space Station Technologies.

All participants in this Space Entrepreneurs Symposium event will receive a discount code to share with high school students and teachers to join either of the Space Entrepreneur Academy Training Courses at a 50% discount. You can visit these links to explore more about SEA Access Packs and the Space Station Technology Badge registration options. Professionals that wish to donate a registration fee for their participation in this event will sponsor a student enrollment into the SEA.


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