Posted July 9, 2016 by Joshua neubert

Competition Design

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Competition Design

In “Design” projects, the Institute of Competition Sciences uses its expertise and best-practices in competition science to create a complete plan for your competition. We develop the detailed processes and materials defining your competition.

During these projects, ICS also conducts an “Engagement Analysis” on the competition to ensure that it will be well received by educators, students and members of the public. We investigate how each component of the competition will affect engagement with these important audiences and ensure that best-practices in competition science are incorporated. Deliverables from ICS design projects include Official Rules, an Engagement Analysis Report, and a comprehensive Operations & Marketing Plan.

Project Deliverables

Official Rules

ICS creates or updates rules that are detailed, clear, and engaging. Defined guidelines are provided so that all participants know exactly what is required and are encouraged to participate. The rules will make or break a competition. ICS ensures that your rules clearly define the processes and incorporate best-practices in competition science to maximize engagement and impact.

Engagement Analysis and Report

ICS conducts public reviews and evaluations of the prize design to gauge the amount of interest in the challenge, and to understand where the best avenues of outreach will be. This also provide an early indication of potential teams for the challenge.

Operations and Marketing Plan

ICS Operations and Marketing Plans include timelines, milestones, procedures, processes, and tasks for all aspects of your competition. The plans provide guidance on implementation of best-practices as well asidentifying budgets, outreach avenues, marketing materials, and strategies to reach your desired audiences. An ICS Operations & Marketing Plan will setup your competition to not only reach your targeted participants, but to engage the hearts and minds of the public as well.

Competition Evaluation

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