Posted July 9, 2016 by Joshua neubert

Competition Operations

Successfully executing a competition requires great planning and execution. Having led the development, launch and operations of challenges of all sizes – everything from single day hackathons to multi-year grand challenges – ICS has both.

ICS Competition Operations Contracts are customized to each specific client. There are many different components to challenge operations that may or may not be desirable to you (such as media events, team summits, video production, publications, etc.). ICS develops and executes each operations plan after working with you do define the critical components important to your organization.

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Operational Activities


Competitions can be launched in many ways, from large-scale public celebrations, to intimate gatherings of select industry and academic leaders. ICSworks with our clients to define and execute a launch plan to meet your specific goals.

Team Engagement and Submission

The most time-intensive portion of competition operations is typically identifying, engaging, and supporting the teams interested in competing. Team engagement can include anything from long-term hands-on support to a loose series of updates and program reminders. ICS understands how to structure engagement at all levels to create a strong community for your competition.

Judging and Review

Every competition will have some judging or review structure. This can be achieved through online review, in-person events, or a mix of the two. ICS has expertise in organizing top-tier judging panels, and ensuring that all review is achieved equitably.

Awards and Recognition

Announcing award winners is often the most satisfying part of a competition. Media events, press releases, and other marketing avenues defined by ICS help ensure high visibility for your awards. ICS has extensive experience promoting competitions using best-practices and lessons-learned from decades of experience.