Posted March 15, 2017 by Eli Madden

For Students

In today's fast-paced economy, good grades just aren't enough to get you the recognition you deserve. Top colleges are accepting less than 5% of applicants. Scholarships, internships, and future career opportunities are becoming increasingly scarce. But what if there were a way to stand out from the crowd? A way to showcase your unique skills and interests in areas that matter, while also having fun, collaborating with your friends, and learning real-world skills that could open amazing new opportunities throughout your future career? Enter the world of academic competitions!

ICS has spent years studying academic competitions and understands the industry better than anyone. We have defined the best practices in competition design and set standards for how to advance through the 6 different types of common competitions. We know how to help you get the recognition you deserve. Request your ICS Coach today to help you rise above the pack!


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For Educators

Since 2012, the Institute of Competition Sciences has been defining best-practices in competition strategy, design, and operations. We aim to spark a new level of community engagement in science, technology, and education by supporting a global network of educational competitions.

ICS maintains a firm commitment to providing real value to our users through a thoughtful, step-by-step approach to educational engagement. This drives the development of services that go above and beyond just running competitions. For ICS, its not only about creating a tool for educators and innovators. Its about creating academic heroes, and building the structures and systems upon which they can be recognized and rewarded. There are already great educational competitions, but there has not yet been a coordinated, collaborative system to support, recognize, and reward their student and educator participants. This is what ICS strives to provide. We aim to do for educational competitions what ESPN has done for professional sports, and much more.