Posted May 9, 2017 by Joshua neubert


Title: Correspondent.

Location: Virtual, no office location required.

Commitment: part-time, contracted, between 3 to 15 hours a month.

Role: Each Institute of Competition Sciences Correspondent will research and write 1 to 5 articles (400-800 words each) per month to be posted on the ICS website.

Language: English

Compensation: Correspondent will be paid monthly on a per article basis.

Description: ICS correspondents will produce articles that will be highlighted on the ICS website and social media accounts to help bring attention to the world of academic competition. Articles must cover competition content and must be approved by the ICS CEO prior to publication and prior to payment of any compensation. High quality articles are a critical part of the ICS long-term strategy to create an online community, support system, and media site for educational competitions. Our goal is to create academic heroes and turn learning into an exciting challenge for all students. ICS Correspondent articles should be structured more like ESPN stories about sports competitions, rather than your typical education blog post and must follow the guidelines below in order to be approved for posting by the ICS CEO.

ICS Content Guidelines Correspondent Articles must follow:

  • Go beyond just selling the benefits of academic competitions
  • Include an antagonist
  • Be factual and include statistics and numbers
  • Bring the excitement

 Article Structure & Topics

  • Unique stories about students who are overcoming specific obstacles in their lives to perform in the competition.
  • Projections for future performance in upcoming competitions.
  • Reviews of past competitions.
  • Stories of exceptional academic performance in competitions.
  • Underdog possibilities in future academic competitions.
  • Top 10 lists of academic performance from past competitions.
  • Comparisons of performance or expected performance between groups.
  • Other relevant analysis and review on the impact of educational competitions.

Article Strategy

Each Correspondent will work with the ICS CEO to identify an overarching subject area and strategy for their articles and will create a 3 to 6-month article plan based on milestones of relevant educational competitions.


To apply to be an ICS Correspondent, please email with a cover letter describing your background, experience, and interest in educational competitions and a sample article that represents your writing style.