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The Institute of Competition Sciences is a full-service education and workforce development firm specializing in the design and management of challenge-based learning programs.

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The Institute of Competition Sciences has been defining best-practices in competition strategy, design, and operations since its founding in 2012. We aim to create an international system of high educational motivation, engagement, and impact through academic competition.

We create and manage education and workforce development programs that go above and beyond just running competitions. For ICS, its not only about creating a tool for students, educators and innovators. Its about creating academic heroes, and building the structures and systems upon which they can be recognized and rewarded. There are already great educational competitions, but there has not yet been a coordinated, collaborative system to support, recognize, and reward their student and educator participants. This is what ICS strives to provide. We aim to do for educational competitions what ESPN has done for professional sports, and much more.

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The Institute of Competition Sciences (ICS) was founded in September 2012. Since then ICS has launched a collaborative community for challenge-based-learning, led National Science Foundation awarded projects, worked with the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, and developed and operated high-profile prizes with over $14,000,000 in awards through partnerships with the Lemelson Foundation, NASA Centennial Challenges, Ideas42 and the Robinhood Foundation, Goodwill Inc., Duke University, the Methuselah Foundation, the Actuarial Foundation and others. ICS was born out of our Founder and CEO's experience and passion for incentivized innovation and challenge-based learning. Prior to founding ICS, Mr. Neubert served as the founding Executive Director of the Conrad Foundation where he led the development of a robust STEM entrepreneurship education competition. Mr. Neubert has also served at the X PRIZE Foundation where he developed the educational portfolio for the X PRIZE Cup including participation from Apollo astronauts, NASA engineers, and other STEM leaders.

About Academic Competitions

Educational Competitions are about more than just giving out awards. They are engaging, long-term experiences that inspire and motivate students, educators, and entire communities. They provide professional development opportunities for educators, volunteer activities for community or industry members, and real-world connections for the students involved. There are 6 common types of educational competitions (Exams, Tournaments, Fairs, Performances, Presentations, and Submissions), each with unique strengths and weaknesses that may be used to help transform learning into an exciting opportunity for all students. ICS has defined the best-practices in competition science to maximize the benefit everyone receives from each type of educational competition. We use this expertise to help competition managers take full advantage of the power of challenge-based-learning, and help students realize the best opportunities for their future.

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