The Guide to Entrepreneurship Competitions for Students is a first-of-its-kind resource to introduce high school students and their parents to the world of entrepreneurship competitions. With over ten years of insider knowledge from professionals who have run entrepreneurship competitions, served as judges, or coached students to be better competitors, this guide will provide users with insights, tips, and tricks proven to win competitions. This interactive guide uses prompts, activities, and entrepreneurial tools encourage users to map out their own priorities, strengths, and make a plan for how they will approach future competitions. An in-depth look at real examples of state, national, and international competitions with helpful tricks to win over the judges in each one will set guide users apart from their competitors.


Content Covered

  • Explore the 9 Ways Entrepreneurship Competitions Can Benefit Students
  • Learn About the 6 Competition Structures to Find the Ones Best for You
  • Identify What to Look Out for at Each Phase of the Competition
  • Look Into the 5 Types of Entrepreneurship Competition Submissions and How to Do Them Best
  • Utilize the Tools of an Entrepreneur to Make Your Competition Submissions Stand Out
  • Using Your Competition Experience for College, Career, and Starting a Business
  • Create a Plan for Your Own Competition Success
  • Examples of Real Competitions and Specific Insider Tips on How to Win Them


After using this guide, participants should feel more confident in their knowledge base, skills, and resources to search, prepare for, and participate in entrepreneurship competitions.