Innovative Student Solutions in the World of AI

Posted January 23, 2024 by Miranda Marshall


In celebration of its 50th anniversary, Future Problem Solving Program International (FPSPI) hosted the World Solutions Challenge, a unique problem-solving competition that engaged students from across the globe. The Challenge, centered around the prominent topic of artificial intelligence (AI), inspired students to develop an array of creative solutions aimed at addressing critical issues within this rapidly evolving field.

This in-demand program completely sold out, receiving a staggering 95 entries from locations spanning the United States, as well as other countries including Australia, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Thailand, and the United Arab Emirates—an incredible turnout that truly showcased the global impact of FPSPI and their World Solutions Challenge.

During the World Solutions Challenge, participants ranging from grades 5 through 9, had to immerse themselves in the world of artificial intelligence and devise inventive solutions to some of its core shortcomings. The competition unfolded over a rigorous two-week period, during which students delved into research and writing, showcasing their critical thinking skills. The ideas that these students came up with are a true testament to the power of future generations to tackle the difficult problems we’re grappling with today as technology continues to advance.

Securing the top spot in the competition was Sierra E, a one-student team from California, whose solution stood out for its thoroughness and practicality. Sierra crafted a “Source Facts” sheet, a tool designed to assess the credibility of AI-generated information in internet searches. This approach not only highlighted Sierra’s acute understanding of the challenges posed by AI but also made us think more deeply about the importance of critical evaluation in an era dominated by digital information.

The second-place award went to a team from New York, comprised of Rachel C, William L, and Arsal M. Their solution, titled “PROTECT AI Toggle,” focused on enhancing the pillars of P- Privacy, R – Responsive, O – Operational, T – Technology, E – Ensuring, C – Customer, T – Trust. This comprehensive approach demonstrated a holistic understanding of the multifaceted issues surrounding AI, showcasing the team’s dedication to creating a well-rounded solution.

Rounding off the top three were Abby A, Jonna G, Sage M, and Julia W from Washington, whose “Truthfinder” tackled the challenge of improving the reliability of AI-generated search results. By focusing on increasing the amount of trustworthy information retrieved by AI, this team showcased a commitment to ensuring that technology serves as a reliable ally in our quest for information.

To provide a glimpse into the hard work and creative solutions developed by all the participants in the World Solutions Challenge, we encourage you to check out this highlight reel video featuring student work. We’re sure you’ll be amazed by their dedication and brilliance—we sure were!

As Future Problem Solving continues to empower young minds with programs designed to encourage creativity and problem-solving skills, don’t miss your chance to take advantage of their amazing offerings. Whether you’re a student, teacher, or parent at any grade level around the world, there are so many opportunities to get involved! From global issues and community challenges, to scenario writing and performances, FPSPI provides a platform for students to hone cross-curricular skills while making a positive impact on the world.

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