Skills Not Taught in School That Students Will Learn From The Modeling The Future Challenge

Posted January 26, 2021 by Jessica Fahrenholtz

Schools are working extremely hard to keep up with the ever-changing standards for education. This evolution is a wonderful thing. However, even their best efforts can’t teach certain skills. That is why many educators and parents are turning to academic competitions like The Modeling the Future Challenge. 

The Modeling the Future Challenge is a popular academic competition because it teaches kids many crucial life skills not generally taught in school. Even better, it teaches these skills by having students solve real-world problems. Here are the top four skills you can expect your student to learn from The Modeling the Future Challenge. 


Risk Analysis with the Actuarial Process

 Taking risks is a part of life. No matter how careful we try to be, we all make decisions to minimize risk daily. When you decide to leave your cell phone at home before going for a swim, you have decided that the risk of taking an electronic device to the pool outweighs the inconvenience of going without it. You are also analyzing risks every time you book a vacation or make a big purchase. 

As you can see, risk is all around us, and if students never have the opportunity to take risks in a safe environment, they will learn how to analyze risks the hard way when the consequences are extreme. 

The Modeling the Future Challenge teaches students how to analyze risks and make an educated decision using the Actuarial process. This is much like the scientific method in that students will have a step by step system they can refer to time and time again to help them make good choices as they head out on their own to college and career.  



 Participants in The Modeling the Future Challenge will have to take accountability for their part of the project if they want to succeed and win the scholarship prize money. 

With the smaller group projects generally given in a school setting, many students never learn how to take on a large project and see it through to the end. It’s one thing to start strong but having to dig deep and see something all the way through takes grit and determination. 

Because many students are eager to win and they don’t want to let their teammates down, they will do what it takes to stick with it and produce a quality project. Succeeding in The Modeling the Future Challenge will set students up for success in college because they will prove to themselves what they are capable of when they commit and put in the work. 



 Students will see first hand how important it is to collaborate and work with a team while participating in The Modeling the Future Challenge. With a large project and the freedom to solve it in many ways, it will be up to the students to delegate work, create deadlines, and take and give directions from their peers. This skill will serve them well throughout their lives as most carriers require a fair amount of teamwork and collaboration. 


Work Ethic 

 The Modeling the Future Challenge requires students to work together to find solutions to real-world problems. This means that students will have to dig deep and keep working until they develop a viable solution. Once a solution is found, teams then need to create a presentation and present their ideas to a panel of professionals. This experience mimics what many students will someday have to do to graduate college and succeed in their careers. Participating in The Modeling the Future Challenge is also a great experience for a college application and resume. 

If you are looking to engage your student in a rewarding way, The Modeling the Future Challenge is a great choice. To learn more about this academic competition and more, Head to our competitions page to see what academic competitions are coming up. Set up your account to follow competitions that excite you and stay up-to-date on all the news with academic competitions.

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