Exciting news for The Modeling the Future Challenge

Posted November 23, 2020 by Jessica Fahrenholtz

The numbers are in on this year’s Modeling the Future Challenge, and we couldn’t be more excited to share that the 2020-21 Challenge is the largest yet. More and more students continue to find out about the opportunity to learn the Actuarial Process and put their skills to the test! One hundred and ninety-five teams from across the United States have registered to participate. These groups of students have put everything aside to better their futures and the future of our world, spending the extra time and effort to learn how to model the future and examine risks to help prepare to manage whatever future challenges may come.

In this graphic below, you’ll find the number of teams in each state. See how many are competing from your state, and get ready to jump into the Challenge next year!


Why have so many teams signed up to compete in the Modeling the Future Challenge this year? Here are four reasons why academic competitions are becoming an essential part of every child’s education, and particularly why the Modeling the Future Challenge could be exciting for your students.

The Modeling the Future Challenge is a valuable addition to in school curriculum. 

With more and more schools focusing on STEM skills, programs like the Modeling the Future Challenge are being recognized as an essential part of their math curriculum. That’s because complex skills like math and data sciences are best taught and understood in a real-world context like those created in academic competitions.

Not only does The Modeling the Future Challenge teach kids crucial math and science concepts, but it goes a step further to teach them risk management and how to use what they know to solve real-world problems. This extends what the typical math classroom teaches students into real-world, critical-thinking concepts.

Like Kalaheo High School in Kailua, HI, some schools have found the Modeling the Future Challenge so impactful that they have whole classrooms participate.


The Modeling the Future Challenge is a great way to subsidize learning outside of school. 

With teachers, parents, and students looking for ways to improve the quality of education, academic competitions like the Modeling the Future Challenge have become a go-to solution. Some schools have even begun to offer it as an after-school program for their students. 

Its combination of math, science, data analysis, and risk management make it the perfect mix of real-life skills and academics. As if that weren’t enough, The Modeling the Future Challenge also shows kids that they have what it takes to solve real-world problems. 

It is also an excellent opportunity for students to collaborate and professionally present their ideas to industry leaders. 


The Modeling the Future Challenge is the perfect addition to homeschooling. 

Many home school families are looking for ways to enrich their child’s education and provide opportunities for their students to socialize and collaborate with peers. The Modeling the Future Challenge is the perfect medium to do just that. 

Students are not only getting a valuable education; they are also put into scenarios where they must work together to achieve a common goal. This teaches important life skills like leadership, accountability, teamwork, and problem-solving.


The Modeling the Future Challenge is a great way to prepare for college.

The Modeling the Future Challenge offers students the chance to think about their education, learn how to manage risks appropriately, and make choices educated decisions. 

There is scholarship money on the line, so many students take this competition seriously and participate to win. This is a healthy Medium for students to work hard and invest themselves in something that directly affects them and their team. 

On top of the life skills and scholarship money, the Modeling The Future challenge looks great on a college application. For more information on the Modeling the Future Challenge or to check out what the teams are up to, head to our MTFC webpage. 

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