Help Design The Earth Prize – a $1M Youth Environmental Award Program

Posted September 15, 2020 by Joshua neubert

Complete the questionnaire here to get early access to the Earth Prize!

Fires across the west coast of the United States are just the most recent evidence of a world undergoing radical environmental change. Unfortunately, these events are not unique. They are part of a long-term, global pattern of undeniable change. Humanity must take action. The Institute of Competition Sciences has teamed up with a newly formed non-profit organization in Switzerland to help bring about a new global prize program accelerating the next generation of young environmental sustainability champions.

The Earth Prize – a $1,000,000 dollar global youth environmental sustainability award – is being developed to help accelerate positive change toward environmental sustainability. Through the Earth Prize, youth in high school (secondary school) and college will be awarded at least $1 Million dollars in support in the form of financial grants to schools, scholarships for current & prospective university students, funding for further research projects and seed funding to launch startups to turn research & ideas into real world products and enterprises. This program is not just about ideas. It is about enacting real change through youth led initiatives.

The inaugural Earth Prize competition will be launched to entrants in 2021 with two educational age categories: (1) High schools & secondary institutions, and (2) universities. Students will be able to participate from anywhere across the world.

The goal of the Earth Prize is to nurture and accelerate the next great environmental sustainability change-makers. As we develop the details and structure for the prize, we want to hear from you to help define the structure and resources behind the prize! Please complete the following questionnaire before October 1st, 2020 to assist in creating the best program possible and help tackle the global challenge of our lifetime.

Complete the questionnaire here to get early access to the Earth Prize!