Modeling the Future Challenge 2019-20 Theme Announced

Posted August 28, 2019 by Joshua neubert

The Actuarial Foundation's Modeling the Future Challenge recently completed its months long analysis of potential themes for the 2019-20 Challenge. This past week, the foundation announced it's new theme - Agriculture, Water, and Climate Change. As global temperatures continue to rise, our climate will continue to change in many ways. The agriculture industry may be one of the largest groups affected by these changing conditions. New risks to agricultural production can come in many forms, but none may be as severe as the coming threats from climate change and water availability. In this Modeling the Future Challenge (MTFC), will use mathematics and your own critical thinking to investigate the following challenge statement:

How will climate change and water access affect the agricultural industry in the coming decades? What insurance or public policy changes could help mitigate or respond to the projected risks to the industry?

In addition to announcing the new theme, the Modeling the Future Challenge launched its new website including updated information about the 2019-20 Challenge process and other tips on how to succeed in competing for the $60,000 award purse. To participate, high school students must research their own project within the theme and analyze how future changes are likely to present risks to the industry. Then students must make recommendations about how insurance or public policy could be used to help mitigate or otherwise respond to the risks.

To learn more about the 2019-20 Modeling the Future Challenge, check out the How it Works page where you can find information on the challenge timeline, theme, and project structure.