Video contests for students

Posted January 14, 2019 by Joshua neubert

With the start of 2019, ICS has been exploring new video contests for students. With all of the advancements in mobile applications for video creation, we wanted to see what is out there for students to put these interests to work for them in academic competitions. And man are there a lot! We put together the following list focusing on national or international level competitions that have deadlines in the spring semester. So if you’re interested in using video to engage students, check them out! And let us know if there are others we should track in our database!

  1. Youth Making Ripples Video Contest (Deadline 8-Jan-19) – students create videos about their stories or experiences with the ocean.
  2. Jason Learning Recycling Video and Poster Contest (Deadline 18-Jan-19) – Students in grades K–12 are invited to participate in a national recycling awareness contest
  3. C-Span’ Student Cam (Deadline 20-Jan-19) – annual national video documentary competition that encourages students to think critically about issues that affect our communities and our nation.
  4. Courageous Persuaders (Deadline 8-Feb-19) – high school students to create 30-second videos that serve as television commercials on the dangers of underage drinking and texting while driving.
  5. AASF Make Time to Sleep Video Contest (Deadline 12-Feb-19) – motivating teens to prioritize the importance of sleep in their lives.
  6. Center for Unsung Heros ArtEffect Project (Deadline 15-Feb-19) – students effect positive change through creative storytelling that celebrates Unsung Heroes from history.
  7. Center for Unsung Heros Discovery Award (Deadline 15-Feb-19) – use creative talents to research primary sources and develop outstanding projects that feature Unsung Heroes who can serve as role models and inspire others to create change.
  8. Speak Truth to Power Video Contest (Deadline 17-Feb-19) – students use film as a tool to discuss human rights issues that resonate with them.
  9. World of 7 Billion Video Contest (Deadline 28-Feb-19) – Create a short video – up to 60 seconds – about human population growth that highlights one of the following global challenges: Preserving Biodiversity, Sustainable Resource Use, Protecting Human Rights.
  10. TeenDrive 365 Video Challenge (Deadline 28-Feb-19) – Make a video that inspires your peers to drive safely and you’ll be entered for a chance to win one of 15 great prizes!
  11. Career Safe Student Video Challenge (Deadline 1-Mar-19) – challenges students from across the country to create a short video demonstrating safety in the workplace.
  12. MathCounts Math Video Challenge (Deadline 14-Mar-19) – a free national program that challenges students to develop their math, communication and technology skills in a collaborative video project.
  13. Green Shorts (Deadline 29-Mar-19) – hosts this environmental short film contest for southern California high school students.
  14. One Planet, Many People Video Contest (Deadline 16-Apr-19) – create a video no more than 60 seconds in length exploring the impacts of human population growth on their neighborhood, city, state, country, or on our planet.
  15. TVE Biomovies (Deadline not yet announced) – a video competition for the best youth climate projects happening around the globe.
  16. Student Transportation Construction Industry Video Contest (Deadline not yet announced) –  the contest and has two submission categories: general transportation impacts, trends and/or funding; and transportation safety.
  17. International Student Travel Video Contest (Deadline not yet announced) – Students interested in traveling internationally can create a short video about the experience.
  18. Lights, Camera, Save! (Deadline not yet announced) – a teen video contest that encourages teens to educate themselves and their peers about the value of saving and using money wisely.