The Science of Academic Competitions – what we learned in 2017

Posted December 26, 2017 by Joshua neubert

2017 has been a wild roller-coaster of a year on so many front's it's almost hard to imagine that it's about to come to an end. As we think back on the past 12 months, we realized something great. We've learned a whole lot about the science of competitions. Of course there is much more to learn and many unanswered questions, but for this year end post, we thought it could be beneficial to examine some of the over-arching results of our literature reviews and analysis of academic competitions from the past year.

For anyone thinking about getting into student competitions, or just curious about how competitions benefit students, schools, or our communities, here are some key findings from our research over the past 12 months:


The Science of Competitions:


All in all, 2017 has been an amazing year of research, studies, and experiments at the Institute of Competition Sciences. In addition to the literature reviews and research topics on the impacts of academic competitions mentioned above, we also explored a number of areas about the competitions themselves. We looked at data from some of our competition partners to see how we can pull out some exciting statistics, trends, and other analysis to help see where academic competitions could be going in the future, and who is standing out in each program. Here are a few of the key articles we put together from some of the big academic competitions in 2017.


Analysis from Academic Competitions:

We explored many more topics over the course of the last 12 months, and have a huge list of new areas we want to dive even deeper into for 2018. The research on academic competitions is very slim, but after a little digging, we can start to see some really interesting information in the literature. We're all excited to see what 2018 will bring. We're going to be taking on many more research projects of our own, working with our partners to analyze even more data from academic competitions, and explore new ways to improve the system of academic competitions for everyone involved. We couldn't have done what we did in 2017 without some amazing partners, colleagues, and a slew of great researchers who aren't directly affiliated with ICS actually doing the research studies. We hope everyone has had a wonderful year, and wish the best of 2018 to all who have been and will be in our world this coming year!

If you want to help out in any of our research efforts, or have other ideas or questions in the field of academic competitions, please send us a note! We'd love to hear from you.